Past Concerts

    fusion concert at Knitting Factory of New York....27th Aaugust , 2007
    (Alice Coltrane - Sonny Sharrock- Double Birthday Celebration). With mission on Mars.
    Lec Demonstration...22nd October, 2007
    Columbia University (New York) with Mission on Mars
    performance at Rabindra Sadan - West Bengal State Music Academy...Feb , 2007
    Performance at Calgery Folke Festival (Canada)...July 21 - 24 of 2005
    Edmontan – University of Alberta...13 th Sept. 2004
    Performance at Vedanta Society of Edmontan
    Performance at Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi, India ... 14th July - 2004
    Performance at World Bank – Washinton DC...1 st July 2004
    University of Wisconsin – Lecture demonstration – with Tarang...2 nd Oct. 2003
    Conert for George – at Royale Albert Hall...29th Nov. 2002
    Indian Classical Orchestra, composed by - Pt Ravi Shankar
    Performance at Bhavan Centre, Bharatiya Bidtya Bhaban, London...27 th May 2001
    Classical Concert
    Perfoamance at the Royal Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool for Milap festival trust...26 th May 2001
    Performance at Leeds College of Music & Dance , England...25 th May 2001
    Lecture Demonstration...23 rd May 2001
    University of Central England, Bermingham
    Switzerland...27th May
    Kansas City...9th April
    Washington...3rd April
  • Muscat...1st Feb