About Band Som

Roll over, Jimmy Page! While the Led Zeppelin guitarist popularized the double-necked guitar in the seventies, Snehasish Mozumder, an exploratory string virtuoso, expands the boundaries of the mandolin instrument, His own specially designed double-neck mandolin is at the center of the band SOM, who swing it North Indian style. His talent comes from the sublime human voice he coaxes from his instrument -be it an Indian melody, a hunting Celtic rendering or something completly different. He, together with his guest accompanists, improvises on North Indian classical style ragas shaped around harmonious melodies.His bassy North Indian vocal phrasings elevate his music beyond global boundaries.
He has recorded and performed Indian Classical music throughout India,Europe and North America, including sharing the stage with Eric Clapton while in Pt Ravi Shankar's orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall concert for George Harrison in 2002 and a recent performance with SOM at Lincoln Center, and on 2010 he has realeased the debut album of his band SOM at the famous Jazz club of New York Blue Note.
FREE DOWNLOAD : In this year Snehasish and SOM get TOP 5 from manhattan at yhe BATTLE OF BOROUGH of NewYork by WNYC(radio).