Snehasish plays an oversized mandolin with four pair strings in which two pair is thick and the other two are usual. These results to obtain a dark yet mellow sound with altered tuning. Besides playing Indian Classical Music. His contribution to fusion is also well respected, having introduced his invention, a Hybrid Mandolin comprising of a "Double neck" into that scene, this unique instrument is exclusively designed by Snehashish Mazumder himself. This instrument compromise of double neck, of which the lower neck is for Indian classical music having four pair thick base strings and the upper neck has five pair strings. Sometimes it is played with five single strings also sounding like a guitar.

On 2009 August he has performed at Lincoln Center solo and with his fusion band SOM and In October 2010 his debut album of New York based fusion band SOM has been released at world famous JAZZ CLUB of New York, Blue Note.


Roll over, Jimmy Page! While the Led Zeppelin guitarist popularized the double-necked guitar in the seventies, Snehasish Mozumder, an exploratory


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